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Best high chairs and baby high chairs 2017

How do I find the right baby high chair? What high chair should I buy?

Where can I find a multivendor high chair comparison, and which models are the best ones?

When choosing a baby high chair various things play a role. Some of the things are the stability, the harness, the weight of the child’s chair, or the possibility of the chair collapsing (transportability). In our high chair test in 2016 we have placed priority value on these points.

Best Convertible highchair

Best wooden high chair

Best portable high chair

In daily use it is often also about how well the material and any existing references can be cleaned. Anyone who has ever watched a baby trying to eat for the first few times knows why. The handling of the belt system (if any) and suitability for children of older age are also significant in choosing the correct chair for a child. After all, you don’t want to have to buy a new model after just a few months when the child has grown a little.

Various types of baby high chairs and children’s chairs are available to satisfy varied needs. The high chair (e.g. Tripp Trapp by Stokke or a boon high chair) has now replaced the Combi high chair (which often has two parts and is convertible into a table and chair). Also easy to handle is a clamping seat, which is clamped to an existing table – provided that the tabletop is correspondingly thick and sturdy. These models have advantages especially when traveling. However, this solution will make your child’s legs dangle in the air, which is rather unpleasant. Any form has its own pros and cons. Please read more under the highchair guide

Adjustability of the seat also plays an important role. The child is not supposed to sit half a meter from the table because the tabletop of the baby chair cannot be adjusted far enough upward. We have summarized the most important facts in our high chair comparison shown in the following table. This should allow you to find the highchair best matching your needs at a glance.

On this page We compare high chairs and baby chairs of all kinds. You will also find a guide compiled according to the principle “What should I look for when choosing a highchair” here.

The issue of security is expected to play the largest role in the choice of a model: especially in the first weeks and months, because the little one won’t be sitting entirely securely and will need a great deal of support. With some getting used to and practice children develop a sturdier sitting position in the high chair. Of course, you should never leave the child on his perch unattended.

The standard baby high chair naturally makes parents more alert. But in an unguarded moment the chair may tilt and the child must sit so securely that s/he has not much room for wiggling. But if, for example, the seating surface is too large, the child can pull up one leg and stretch on the other side of the crotch, and the leg could become caught or slip. This can have very unpleasant consequences. But the seating surface must not be too small either. Of course, we paid attention to this aspect too. Our high chair comparison also advises whether all high chairs comply with all standards, which means that at a pressure of about 15kg of the child’s weight from one side the chair will not tip over. Moreover, it is important for us that the winner of the high chair test has no sharp edges and corners.

On one hand we based our comparison tests on own experiences, on the other hand we collected detailed information from manufacturers’ websites and various shops. Customer reviews also play an important role in our overviews and comparisons.

Our own high chair comparison 2017

Best High Chairs and Booster SeatsWe have 3 children (of 1 to 6 years). And there’re several children and babies in our group of friends. We tested several high chairs ourselves in recent years, and asked other parents to help us too. The result of our high chair comparison substantially coincides with the test results of several large institutes. One of our favorites was the Storchenmühle high chair Happy Baby. Unfortunately Storchenmühle has stopped production of high chairs, which is why it is not included in comparisons. We still miss the tilting back of most combi high chairs!

We see that for most parents the most important factors of a convenient high chair are how easily a high chair can be cleaned and how safe a high chair is. Nobody wants accidents. Quick and easy maintenance is also a more and more important point these days. Therefore in almost every high chair comparison the ease of cleaning has now been incorporated as an important criterion. Nobody has the time to clean a high chair for half an hour after eating.

Maintaining a high chair

Most models made of plastic are easily wiped off. Unfortunately models with many hinges and possibilities of adjustment are relatively difficult to clean. Food particles stuck in the hinges often cannot be simply wiped off. In our high chair review we also pay attention to how long cleaning a high chair lasts, and whether there are points on the high chair that may not be accessible.

What is recommended in any case is a Play and eating tray. A plastic one is ideal even if the high chair is to be made of wood. The food tray (e.g. Hauck Alpha Tray) can be put in the dishwasher, which saves work and always ensures a clean chair. If you choose a wooden model, also make sure that moisture cannot penetrate the pores of the wood, especially at the edges, otherwise the high chair might swell unpleasantly.

What is the difference between a highchair and a baby high chair?

From a technical perspective a high chair is not subject to age restrictions and is not defined by EU Directives for a certain age. Baby high chairs must meet certain requirements, but are tailored to an age of 6-36 months. If a highchair can be converted (e.g. from baby high chair into a high chair), the chair must also comply with both EU standards. Of course, it makes sense to select a high chair which is also useable for older children or even grownups. Otherwise you will have to buy a second one later. High chairs designed exclusively for babies usually have better features for an age of up to 36 months. These can usually be allocated the entire seat, which is not possible in a high chair. With our baby high chair review 2016 we want to provide the most accurate help for the buying public. Otherwise you will later be annoyed about extra cost. A chair useable for as long as possible becomes an important criterion in considering the total cost.

From when is a baby allowed to sit in the high chair?

This question cannot be answered universally. Basically when your child can sit unaided. If you use a multipurpose high chair with a seat shell, the baby can already sit in the high chair before it sits independently. You should not use a (combi) high chair too early, as it might cause damage to the back. If you use a multipurpose chair which can be completely folded down or incline the seat for feeding, remember that this sitting position is not suitable for solid food, only for liquid food or maximally eating porridge.

How long should you use a seat reducer for?

The correct seat position is very important in a high chair. One indicator is that the baby has no way to move the legs past the central stringer. If a baby can have both legs on one side of the central spar, s/he could slip and get injured. The baby’s back should be supported during the first few weeks to prevent back pain or postural problems. In addition the baby should sit far enough forward in the chair so that the calves do not touch the edge of the seat. This is at first uncomfortable and the baby will fidget. For this reasons the seat reducer should be used until it is too tight for the child. Of course, the table must not cut into the belly, and you will notice when the seat insert is too tight for your child.

When can I use a high chair without a bracket?

That depends on the high chair and on your child. If the baby high chair has a reasonable and stable belt system, you can probably omit the bracket rather than when only a simple crotch strap is attached to the high chair. Do not remove the strap until the child can move into and out of the chair alone. Most children will master that between their 18 and 24 months.

The highest risks of injury in a high chair are that the baby could topple over or fall out of the chair. Since high chairs are now checked in every high chair review for stability, this issue is no longer important for most of the high chairs. However, there are still cases of babies or small children falling out of baby high chairs. This can also be tested in a high chair comparison, but only to a limited number. We make sure that the best high chair has a correspondingly good harness. A 3-point seatbelt is the minimal requirement, though a 5-point harness is better still.

How long is a high chair useable for, how long can a baby sit in the high chair for?

Again, it depends on each model. One should never exceed the specified maximal weight. The respective high chairs are always tested on tilt and stability only up to the specified weight. A multipurpose high chair can usually not be used for as long as other high chairs because the seat shells are usually much closer. Step high chairs normally have the longest life. They can often be used to adulthood even as normal chairs. Some models will hold even up to 300lbs.