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The variants of highchairs

Each design poses advantages and disadvantages and depends on personal preference. The stair high chair looks like a staircase and is usually made of wood. The special feature is its 4 settings: tabletop, footrest, seat, and safety belt or bars. The seat / footrest grows with your child while allowing the belt and the tabletop […]

Features of a high chair – what accessories make sense?

Safety is paramount when buying your personal best high chair. You certainly do not want your child slipping back and forth, out while climbing, or possibly even fall out. The ease of use of functional parts (such as the harness, locks, or food tray) may also have an impact on safety. Trying the various parts […]

Which high chair is the best?

The high chair is nowadays bought along with the first baby basic equipment and must be available in every home with children. Your baby is growing fast and before you know it s/he will sit at the dining table with you. A conventional chair is unsuitable for babies as fall protection and seat belts are […]

When should a baby sit in the high chair?

For most of us completely natural. For your baby a major milestone in his or her development. Sitting is the first of the movements that don’t come naturally to tiny people. The sheer size and weight of the head makes sitting be a true balancing act for less than a year young babies. From the […]