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Fisher-Price Spacesaver High Chair

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Last updated on: October 27, 2021 6:56 am
Fisher-Price Spacesaver High Chair

The SpaceSaver High Chair is designed to provide a full-size feeding experience for a small-size home. It has all of the features of a full-size high chair without taking up the space. It has 2 height adjustments, 3-position recline plus a full-size dishwasher safe tray. This all new SpaceSaver High Chair includes a FastFinder Link where mom can easily hang bibs, towels, or toys. The seat pad is wipeable and machine washable with a 5pt to 3pt restraint for additional security. When baby is older, the pad and back remove to make this a toddler booster seat. It easily straps to most kitchen or dining chairs. The efficient size makes it easy to store when not in use.

As a mother, you tend to be cautious of the things that your baby uses. A lot of questions come to mind. Is it safe? Will it be comfortable? Would it be within my budget? Fortunately, you can find what you need in the Fisher Price Spacesaver High Chair.

Product Specifications

  • Item Weight: 1 lb
  • Dimensions: 14.4 x 10.4 x 22.6 inches
  • Maximum weight Capacity: 50lbs
  • Material Type: Polyester, Nano Tex fabric
  • Color: Chocolate Cloud, Luminosity, Rainforest Friends and Stripes
  • *Two height adjustments and three recline positions
  • *Spill and Stain Resistant


Made of high quality plastic and polyester, the Fisher Price Spacesaver High Chair offers stability without sacrificing the comfort of your child. This is also lined with several safety features such as the strapping mechanism and durability of the framework. It converts to several heights and reclining positions that coordinates with your child’s growth.

Pros of the Fisher Price Spacesaver High Chair

I was hesitant at first. How can something so light be stable? Mind you, the Fisher-Price Spacesaver High Chair weighs only a pound! This high chair fits almost all dining chairs but because of its strapping mechanism, it remains stable even at a maximum weight of 50lbs. That is around an average weight of a five-year old.

Once it is properly strapped, Belle, my 6 month old, can now be seated onto the padded seat. She likes to explore things by moving her head a lot and flailing her arms. Her movements are not very coordinated yet so she tends to lose her balance. In spite of this, I feel safe when she is in the high chair. The high chair does not budge even with Belle’s uncoordinated movements.

My husband bought this high chair when Belle was just a couple months old to help me ease into taking care of her. Since Belle wasn’t able to lift her head on her own, the chair’s reclining position proved to be useful. Its height and position can be adjusted to match the needs of the child from newborn to pre toddler age. Also, the feeding tray is removable making the process of sitting Belle effortless.

It comes in four different designs that are surprisingly, gender neutral. This is perfect when you have a lot of kids in the house. Each child would be comfortable using the stylish chair.

Another thing I like about the high chair is that you can easily unstrap it from the chair and place it unto the floor. Sometimes when doing the laundry, I would bring Belle and the chair a few feet from me on the floor.

For around $50 to $60 (give or take on shipping charges), you get the value for your money. Most high chairs in the market today would cost you around $80-$150. Yes, they have lovely designs but are they safe? And would you be able to use them for long periods of time? This high chair can be used by newborns up to around 5 to 6 years old. That means you have paid the same amount for a chair you can reuse for years. That is, if you would be having more kids.

Cons of the Fisher Price Spacesaver High Chair

By the way, Belle spilled a great deal of carrot puree unto the chair’s padding. Though it is spill and stain resistant, I would like to refrain from washing it too many times. In fairness, it held its shape but I am unsure if it would hold its shape with frequent washing.

Also, it is a good thing to note that the more level the surface where you place the chair, the more stable it is going to be. Padded chairs can work as long as they have a fairly leveled surface.


Fisher Price Spacesaver High Chair’s convenience does not compromise with its safety features. This is very important to me. Even if it would make my life a lot easier, the safety of my child still comes first. Yes, accidents happen. But you can lessen the risk by buying things that are made with a child’s safety in mind. I believe that Fisher Price achieved longevity in the business because of this. Moreover, it only costs $50 to give you the assurance that your child will be safe on her high chair.

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Last updated on: October 27, 2021 6:56 am
Fisher-Price Spacesaver High Chair