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High Chair – Svan Signet Essential

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$199.99 $250.00

Last updated on: September 17, 2021 6:04 pm
High Chair – Svan Signet Essential

An award-winning high chair designed to grow with a child through toddler to young adults. The Signet Essential is the same chair as the Signet Complete, except that the Essential is intended for toddlers (18 months) and up because it does not include the infant kit and tray. The infant kit and tray may be purchased separately (or you can purchase the Complete chair, that comes with everything). Starting as a traditional high chair, the Signet Essential High Chair can seat infants at the table.

With Svan, the philosophy behind their products is that function doesn’t have to be bereft of beauty and eco-friendliness at all. It’s why they insist in using classy and sustainable wood for their furniture, even though many of their contemporaries maintain the use of plastic to cut down on costs. With the Svan Signet high chair, you still get the features you need for your child while green and interior design issues are addressed as well.


With the Svan Signet, it’s pretty obvious that the manufacturer took note of the needs of both the parent and the child when they made the chair. First of all, the assembly is relatively easy. An Allen key is included in the purchase, and with it you can set up the Signet in about half an hour. That’s true even if you don’t have much DIY knowledge and even if you have a fussy child climbing all over the high chair as you try to assemble it.

Once the assembly is complete, you’ll probably take a moment to admire its look. It really does look truly good, with its wood coming across as an undoubtedly classier alternative to ABS plastic. If you value interior design (and you want to be green) then the use of wood is a definite advantage.

The high chair is rated for children starting from 6 months of age, and it is designed to accommodate them for many years. It can carry as much as 96 pounds in weight. Its dimensions make it suitable for the standard height of most dining tables, and it is adjustable. It comes with a foot rest, and it’s adjustable so it can provide the sturdy platform for your child as they clamber up the seat and while they’re perched on the seat. The depth and height of the seat is adjustable as well so that you can ensure that your child’s torso and legs have ample support.

It’s easy enough to move, and there’s a handle at the back of the seat to facilitate the move when you wish to transfer the seat to another location. It also comes with a 5-point harness so children don’t stand up on the chair when they’re eating

It also comes with a wooden tray, and on it you’ll find a tray cover you can detach so that you can clean it in your dishwasher. This tray is free of any harmful substances, like phthalates and BPA. Even the wood has a finish that’s free of lead.

Pros and Cons

So let’s tally the advantages. It’s easy to assemble, and that should assuage the concerns of the DIY-averse who aren’t all that comfortable with the need to assemble furniture. The manual gives clear directions and you already have all the tools you need included.

Its beauty is also remarkable, and that’s quite a relief for style-minded parents worried that the look of a plastic high chair will mar the overall style of their dining room interior design. And you can maintain that look easily enough as you can just clean the high chair with a damp cloth.

It comes with a foot rest, so as a child grows up they can climb on the seat themselves. It’s sturdy and wide at the base, so tipping over is very unlikely. And it is adjustable as well, so your child enjoys ergonomic support even as they grow bigger and taller. The tray itself is detachable, so after eating the child can use it to draw and practice writing while sitting by the dining table.

So what’s the catch? Well, the first factor that may cause you to hesitate buying the Signet is the price, which is among the highest in the high chair niche. If you want both function and beauty combined, you’re going to have to pay for the privilege.

And there are some minor inconveniences as well. It’s not suitable for children younger than 6 months, as it doesn’t recline at all. The finish of the foot rest may tarnish over time. It contains crevices where food may get in, and that can make cleanup more challenging. Even the tray cover can’t be removed with one hand, and some people may find it not easy to detach even with two hands. It doesn’t have wheels at the base, and that’s also a problem when you want to move the chair from one room to another.


Despite the many inconveniences, this is a top-notch chair. Its price is actually cost-effective because you won’t need to keep buying a chair as your child grows bigger. And the beauty of the wood also justifies the expense.

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$199.99 $250.00

Last updated on: September 17, 2021 6:04 pm
High Chair – Svan Signet Essential