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Chicco Logo

This is a venerable Italian brand founded in Italy in 1958. It remains a family business with the founder’s 3 children continuing their father’s legacy. Today, at least 150 Chicco shops can be found throughout Italy with 160 more scattered in over 120 countries around the world.

Chicco sells a wide variety of products which babies to young children use. These include infant toys, learning toys, rattles, musical items, night lights, pull along rides, strollers, and walkers. They also offer apparel for boys and girls, feeding accessories, cribs, car seats, play yards, and high chairs.

Their Polly high chair has been quite successful, and the company has learned from past incidents to really amp up its safety features. Polly high chairs made before October 13, 2010 had protruding pegs at the back of the chair’s legs, and after several reports of lacerations caused by these pegs (21 reports, out of 455,000 affected chairs sold) the company sent free covers for the pegs. Today, the design eliminated those protrusions altogether.

This design incorporates a seat pad with a 2-position 5-point harness, with low harness slots for comfort and safety. The seat pad is very comfy, but it can be removed for more space when your baby grows bigger. The seat also reclines into a cradle, and there’s a support bar between the legs to prevent slips underneath the tray. You have 6 different height options and 3 incline angles to choose from. There’s also a foot rest, with 3 different heights available.

The tray can be detached easily with just one hand, and underneath the seat you have a storage basket so baby things like toys and wipes are handily available. It offers caster wheels for easy transport, but the caster wheels can be locked to keep the chair in place. The chair also folds quickly for more convenient storage.