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This is a very famous brand in the US, and the truth of the matter is that it is the largest manufacturer of car seats and strollers in the US. Part of that fame is explained by its long 70-year history in the baby products industry, when it first started as the Columbus Specialty Company in Columbus, Indiana. The name would eventually be shortened to CoSCo thereafter.

The brand is very well-known for its numerous convenient features that offer a lot of help to harried parents looking after their babies. It strives to make everything as easy as possible for parents, in the recognition of the basic fact that life is already hard enough for parents of infants. It’s why they generally use simple designs which people will readily understand. It’s why their items are easy to clean.

They’re also much more conscientious about infant safety these days, ever since the 2001 debacle that involved problems with the safety features on their items. After having to pay a hefty fine to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the company overhauled its product testing standards to a more rigid level. After that incident, Cosco began testing all its products twice, and test procedures were established to make sure that parents were able to easily understand assembly instructions so they can assemble the items correctly.

Many parents who choose Cosco high chairs cite value for money represented by these items as a reason for their choice. These high chairs are easy to set up and clean, while they offer reliable safety and durability. Aside from high chairs, Cosco also sells car seats for babies, strollers, walkers, and play yards.