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Fisher Price

The Fisher Price brand began way back in 1930 when it first started making and selling games in Churchville, New York. Since 1993, it’s been owned by Mattel. It is now the largest makers and seller of preschool products in the whole world, with toys as its main items. Just recently, the company was awarded the 2015 Infant/Toddler Toy of the Year (TOTY) award for their Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo. They make toys for babies, learning and educational toys, toy train sets, and play sets and action figures. They also offer bath tub toys, a musical activity gym, and even a high chair.

Their Deluxe Quick-Clean Portable Booster perfectly illustrates what makes the brand so appealing to parents. The booster seat is easy enough to strap on to most dining chairs securely. It folds neatly so it’s more compact, and it also has a shoulder strap so you can bring it anywhere. There’s a wipes dispenser built in, so you can quickly clean up on the spot when it’s time to feed the baby. The feeding tray comes with a “Sure Grip” spot, so snacks, bowls, and plates don’t slip around on the tray. After the meal, the feeding tray can be detached so that you can simply wash it through your dishwasher. And it even can be adjusted as your baby grows bigger, as offers two height adjustments and two tray positions.

With this booster, you won’t need an entire chair to bring around with you all the time. You can just use it with any chair on hand and your baby can seat high up to interact more easily with the rest of the family.