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This is a brand that was founded in Philadelphia by two men named Gray and Cone, which led to the name of the brand. Now it’s based in Atlanta Georgia. It started as a manufacturer of machine and car parts, but it switched to baby swing production back in the mid-1950s. Today, their baby products are popular in the US and around the world, and in the UK the company is #1 in making wheeled products and #2 as a maker of car seats.

The Graco brand is known for the durability and affordability of their products, and recently they’ve made a sterling reputation for themselves in social media. They organize community gatherings so that Graco customers meet with Graco workers and reps, and then post the meetings in their Flicker page. And when they needed to recall millions of car seats in 2014, they also used social media so that the company can communicate and interact with parents demanding information.

Aside from high chairs, Graco produces other baby products for home use such as rockers, swings, and cribs. They also manufacture car seats for babies as well as baby strollers.

Because of their profound engagement with parents, the people behind Graco have a unique and accurate idea of what parents truly want for baby products, and the company has made sure to satisfy these requirements. That’s why the company is always sensitive about safety issues, and why their products are so affordable. And they also make sure that their designs are fun and suitable for the cute babies who use their high chairs and other items