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Summer Infant

This company is headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, and it was founded in 1985 by a father looking for a place to set his daughter when both his hands were otherwise occupied. It’s the same philosophy they still use today, because they still design their products from the perspective of a caring parent.

Their high chairs offer a good example of this philosophy, as it also incorporates modern ideas as well. It’s made of natural hardwood, so it comes from sustainable materials and it also looks elegant. It features 3 possible positions for reclining along with a vinyl-coated seat pad that’s easy to clean. The adjustable tray can be set into any of the 4 possible positions, and it can be detached with just one hand. For greater comfort of the baby, there’s a foot rest too.

So what this design philosophy means in practical terms is that they offer features that see to the safety and comfort of the baby, while making things as easy and convenient as possible for the parents. Even the price is affordable, because they know that expensive high chairs won’t benefit as many parents and children as they would like.

Summer Infant also sells other baby products, including strollers, activity seats, booster seats, travel accessories, play yards, bouncers, and swings. They sell various monitoring items that help you keep tabs on your baby even when you’re in another room. Other safety products that are part of the Summer Infant line-up include safety gates, bed rails, outlet covers and covers for corners and edges, safety items for doors and windows, and even blankets designed with safety in mind. They sell potty and bath tub accessories, along with nursery items including swaddles, bedding sets and pads, and various sleep aids.

Essentially, if your baby needs something, chances are that Summer Infant has what you need.