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Svan Signet

The Svan Signet High Chair is an ode to modern sensibilities, combining function with elegant looks and material sustainability issues. In other words, it’s got lots features, the look is very classy, and it’s made of wood.
Several of its features are certainly noteworthy.

The seat height is adjustable, and so is the seat depth in relation to the tray. And unlike most other high chairs, there’s a nifty foot rest as part of the design, so your baby can also stand up while you make your adjustments. It also comes with a crotch bar that prevents your baby from sliding from the seat. The tray cover is removable, and it can be cleaned with your dishwasher. You can even detach the tray entirely so you just have a chair instead. The entire high chair, including the food tray cover, is free of dangerous materials like lead and BPA.

In fact, the high chair is made almost entirely of wood, and that really sets it apart in an industry dominated by plastic chairs. So it looks classy, but the wood is easily enough cleaned with a baby wipe. It doesn’t really occupy all that much space, and assembling it is a snap even if your baby decides to play around in the chair while you set it up.

It’s also a bit on the pricey side, but for most parents the benefits and features that come with the Svan Signet offers a lot of bang for the buck. That’s to be expected with Svan, as this company based in Raleigh North Carolina has a lot of wooden items to offer. They also make and sell table and chair sets for children, booster seats, harnesses, swing sets, and play items.