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The variants of highchairs

Each design poses advantages and disadvantages and depends on personal preference.

The stair high chair looks like a staircase and is usually made of wood. The special feature is its 4 settings: tabletop, footrest, seat, and safety belt or bars. The seat / footrest grows with your child while allowing the belt and the tabletop to easily be removed at any time. Seat reducers and cushions are optional. This enables using the high chair into adulthood.

The multipurpose chair is made of aluminum and plastic for children aged 6-24 months. The seat and footrest are easily adjustable for angle, so even a short nap in the chair is possible. Many models are also adjustable in height and can be adjusted directly to a table height. The footrests have rollers and a padded plastic seat offers your child comfort. The multipurpose chair can quickly be folded up and taken on trips.

The combi high chair is very popular with parents because of its diversity. A combination of children’s table and chair enables long usage time. Initially the combi high chairs are still pushed to the common table while being easily transformed in later years. When a high chair is no longer necessary, you can have a children’s table and a chair for the nursery where your child can paint and play independently.

The travel chair is extremely compact and can be (dis)assembled quickly. There are two basic variants of the travel high chair: 1. a booster seat that can be easily secured to a normal chair with seat belt systems, 2. a model that looks like a traditional high chair, but can be taken apart by splitting it into several bigger parts. A travel high chair is not suitable for continuous use and cannot replace a normal high chair in terms of security.

Additional Features

Some high chairs offer small refinements that should make your life easier in the long run. A height-adjustable seat position can be an advantage when you have to compensate for different table heights. The chair grows slowly with your child and accompanies your child into the kindergarten age. Other models can be folded to save space and tucked into every corner. Others are equally well suited for eating and playing. Here the high chair converts into a gaming table and can be used for a long time. A high chair purchase must therefore be carefully considered. A high chair comparison may help you decide in case of doubt and offering good suggestions for use.

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