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When should a baby sit in the high chair?

For most of us completely natural. For your baby a major milestone in his or her development. Sitting is the first of the movements that don’t come naturally to tiny people. The sheer size and weight of the head makes sitting be a true balancing act for less than a year young babies. From the age of 8 months 9 out of 10 children will be able to move themselves to the sitting position.

The question of when your child can start consuming solid foods (porridge) is as personalized as many developmental steps. In addition to the fundamental interest in what mom and dad eat the ability to sit can help identify the right time for solid food. Pediatricians and midwives favor waiting with solid food until the time when a baby can independently sit in a high chair.

The model of a high chair is important

For answering the question of when a child should sit in the high chair selecting the right high chair is also decisive. Models such as the Peg Perego Prima Pappa allow the entire seat to be tilted so that a child who cannot sit fully unaided can be fed. However, it is advised to exercise caution. Solid foods can be dangerous if your child does not sit upright!

Seat time is crucial

Once your child can sit by him / herself, the use of a staircase high chair or combi high chair is possible. But it is also important that your child does not sit in the chair for too long. The muscles are not yet adapted to several hours of sitting upright. Once your child sits by him / herself, you can use a high chair at the time of meals. But only for meals. Refrain from letting the child play or sit in the high chair for several hours until the child is older.

Pay attention to safety!

One of the most important criteria in finding the best high chair is security. There are essentially two areas in a high chair: how secure is the high chair against tipping over and how easy it is to prevent a child from climbing out of the high chair.

Especially during a child’s first few times in the high chair the dangers nor their consequences that might arise when an infant stands up in the high chair cannot be estimated. So use a reasonable safety harness. This will prevent the child from slipping off or standing up. Individual circumstances must also be taken into account when it comes to steadiness. What type is your table of, and at what distance from the table is the high chair standing? Can your child repel with his / her feet? And will the high chair withstand your child’s maximum rage without tipping over with the child in it? We have done our best to answer these questions to help you find the best high chair for you. The tests and reviews study the stability and the seat belts of the high chairs. We have also taken all these points into account in our high chair comparison 2016.

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