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Which high chair is the best?

The high chair is nowadays bought along with the first baby basic equipment and must be available in every home with children. Your baby is growing fast and before you know it s/he will sit at the dining table with you. A conventional chair is unsuitable for babies as fall protection and seat belts are not present. A high chair should match both your own needs and high safety and quality standards. For a high chair purchase many criteria must be observed that you get taught in the following article.

Safety criteria of a children’s high chair

You can use a high chair once your baby is able to sit independently. As against a normal chair a high chair has a seat belt to keep your baby straight and upright. A slip is avoided and even the lively children sway in absolute safety. The 3-point and 5-point seatbelts have proven the best in high chair tests. This seatbelt system is the same as a seatbelt from baby and child car seats and provides a high level of security. If the high chair does not have a belt, a hip or crotch strap should definitely be present.

The body weight of a growing child increases, and so does the child’s willingness to move. To prevent a sudden fall over the chair some manufacturers have come up with something very special. The lower seat portion is wider than the actual manufactured seat. A high chair with tripod legs thus provides optimal grip. In terms of design check the chair for sharp corners where your child might get hurt. Check whether the chair has easily detachable small parts which may be swallowed, and see that high chairs on wheels must have a locking mechanism for the wheels.

If the high chair matches the enormous security criteria, check the processing in more detail. Babies and toddlers tend to drool everywhere, so the materials have to be perspiration and saliva resistant. The high chair and any seat inserts must be easy to clean. Heavy metals or formaldehyde should never form part of the material, as they may be harmful to your baby.

Remember the comfort factor

Your baby or toddler will spend a lot of time in the high chair and must feel comfortable. If the baby does not like the high chair, you will need a lot of patience to make the baby eat. Therefore better check when buying that an integrated attachment and soft seat cushion is available or can optionally be purchased from the manufacturer. In the early days an additional seat reducer which you can easily add onto the high chair also makes sense. It offers tiny children more support and the supple narrowness feels much more comfortable.

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